Real Estate Division

Grading policies

The following is an excerpt from the Department of Educational Studies, UBC Faculty of Education, which outlines their grading policies. It is an excellent overview of the criteria applied in the assessment of assignments, projects, and exams in UBC Real Estate Division courses.

A level (80% to 100%)

A+ is from 90% to 100%. It is reserved for exceptional work that greatly exceeds course expectations. In addition, achievement must satisfy all the conditions below.

A is from 85% to 89%. A mark of this order suggests a very high level of performance on all criteria used for evaluation. Contributions deserving an A are distinguished in virtually every aspect. They show that the individual (or group) significantly shows initiative, creativity, insight, and probing analysis where appropriate. Further, the achievement must show careful attention to course requirements as established by the instructor.

A- is from 80% to 84%. It is awarded for generally high quality of performance, no problems of any significance, and fulfillment of all course requirements. However, the achievement does not demonstrate the level of quality that is clearly distinguished relative to that of peers in class and in related courses.

B level (68% to 79%)

This category of achievement is typified by adequate but unexceptional performance when the criteria of assessment are considered. It is distinguished from A level work by problems such as:

  • One or more significant errors in understanding 
  • Superficial representation or analysis of key concepts 
  • Absence of any special initiatives 
  • Lack of coherent organization or explication of ideas

The level of B work is judged in accordance with the severity of the difficulties demonstrated.

B+ is from 76% to 79%.

B is from 72% to 75%.

B- is from 68% to 71%.

C level (60% to 67%)

C Level work is typified by minimally adequate performance, exhibiting several of the significant problems outlined above.

C+ is from 64% to 67%.

C is from 60% to 63%.

The UBC Real Estate Division considers 60% as a minimum passing grade for any course.

A minimum grade of 50% on the final examination is also required in order to receive a passing grade.

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