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Effective Co-Signing: Guiding and Overseeing Candidates

The Appraisal Institute of Canada’s (AIC) Effective Co-Signing: Guiding and Overseeing Candidates course is a requirement for CRA and AACI designated members who co-sign reports on behalf of candidates. The course provides relevant, practical, and helpful guidance on the expectations and best practices for acting as a co-signer.

Who Needs This Course?

This course is required for AIC Designated Members before any new Candidates can be registered for co-signing. 

Course Overview

AIC’s revised co-signing policy emphasizes expanded responsibilities for co-signers. The traditional co-signer role has been primarily concerned with overseeing the quality of a Candidate’s work, focusing on ensuring Standards are met, meeting client expectations, and protecting against complaints, professional liability, or insurance claims. This aspect of co-signing remains crucial, but in addition, the role has now expanded to specifically consider candidate development. The policy clarifies that co-signers have an obligation to support candidates in their development towards becoming a successful designated member of AIC. Beyond simply overseeing quality work, the co-signer also fulfills a professional development role, in supervising, guiding, advising, and coaching candidates.

The goal of this course is to emphasize this dual role, help co-signers understand what is expected of them, and foster development of knowledge and skills necessary for co-signers to fulfill these expectations.

Course Structure

The course is designed and presented by designated AIC members and is delivered through UBC’s distance learning platform.

The course is divided into three main modules, each of which reinforces the co-signer’s responsibilities and showcases best practices towards achieving candidate success.

  • Module 1: Foundations of Professionalism

  • Module 2: Guiding and Supervising Candidates
  • Module 3: Before You Sign: Overseeing Candidates' Work

The course materials consist of a combination of text lessons and instructional videos. Participants may begin the course at any time and proceed at their own pace, providing they complete the course within one year of registration.

Introduction to the course by AIC President Thomas Fox, AACI, PApp

Final Quiz

To successfully finish the course, participants will need to complete a quiz and achieve a passing grade of 60% or higher, within one year of registering in the course. If participants do not achieve a grade of 60% on the quiz, they will be required to rewrite the quiz before proceeding. A $25 fee applies per rewrite attempt.

Participants receive 7 CPD credits upon successfully completing this course.


Effective Co-Signing: Guiding and Overseeing Candidates: $195


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