Real Estate Division

BUSI 499 - Income Property Guided Case Study

Course Outline

Lesson No. 1: Appraisal Process and Course Expectations
Lesson No. 2: Critical Thought
Lesson No. 3: Principles of Research
Lesson No. 4: Market Research and Subject Property Identification
Lesson No. 5: Data Analysis and Tools
Lesson No. 6: Report Writing - General
Lesson No. 7: Title Searching - Land Titles Office and Registry Office Information
Lesson No. 8: Area and City Analysis, and Neighbourhood Analysis
Lesson No. 9: Site and Improvements Description, and Assessment and Taxes
Lesson No. 10: Zoning/Land Use Controls, and Highest and Best Use
Lesson No. 11: Cost Approach - Land Value
Lesson No. 12: Cost Approach - Cost Analysis
Lesson No. 13: Cost Approach - Depreciation Analysis and Summary of the Cost Approach 
Lesson No. 14: Direct Comparison Approach
Lesson No. 15: Income Approach - Income and Expense Analysis
Lesson No. 16: Income Approach - Capitalization Process and Summary of the Income Approach
Lesson No. 17: Reconciliation, Certification, and Introduction
Lesson No. 18: Summary and Linkages
Lesson No. 19: Submission of the Narrative Appraisal Report

Course Structure

14 assignments: 50% of final grade.
Final assignment: 50% of final grade.


Textbook sold separately: Appraisal of Real Estate (3rd Canadian Edition), $103.95 (includes taxes). Can be purchased directly from the Real Estate Division's Online Bookstore.

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