Real Estate Division

BUSI 460 - Real Estate Consulting Fundamentals

Course Outline

Lesson No. 1: Introduction to Real Estate Consulting
Lesson No. 2: Decision Framing: Finding the Most Effective Question for Your Client
Lesson No. 3: Critical Analysis
Lesson No. 4: Research Methods
Lesson No. 5: Making Decisions Involving Uncertainty
Lesson No. 6: Choosing the Right Decision-Making Technique
Lesson No. 7: Introduction to Forecasting in Real Estate
Lesson No. 8: Forecasting Techniques
Lesson No. 9: Demographic Forecasting and Psychographic Analysis
Lesson No. 10: Risk Analysis and Learning from Experience

Course Structure

Your grade will be based upon the work you have done during the course and on a final examination. Your final grade will be determined as follows:

Multiple Choice Assignments – 10% (in total)
Projects/Written Assignments:
 Project 1: Real Estate Decision Analysis – 15%
 Project 2: Evaluating Alternatives – 25%
Final Examination – 50%
Total – 100%

Course Textbook/Assigned Reading

See Table of Contents for the textbook for this course: Real Estate Consulting Fundamentals.

Statistical Software (recommended, not required)

The Addenda to the course manual presents details on statistical forecasting methods. Students wishing to delve into this subject further may consider purchasing the SPSS statistical software in order to follow along with the demonstrated steps. See the statistical software page for information on recommended software versions and purchasing instructions.

Additional Resources

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