Real Estate Division

BUSI 451 - Commercial Property Management

Course Outline

Lesson No. 1 — Commercial Property Management – Shopping Centres 
Lesson No. 2 — Managing Office, Medical, and Industrial Properties 
Lesson No. 3 — Marketing and Leasing Commercial Properties 
Lesson No. 4 — Leases and Lease Negotiations 
Lesson No. 5 — Commercial Leasing Disputes 
Lesson No. 6 — Administration and Record Keeping 
Lesson No. 7 — Budgeting for Income, Expenses, and Capital 
Lesson No. 8 — Maintenance, Management, Safety, and Security Procedures 
Lesson No. 9 — Insurance and Risk Management 
Lesson No. 10 — Offer to Lease

Course Structure

Weekly multiple choice assignments No. 1-9: 15% of final grade.

Project 1: Location analysis for a discount dollar store: 30% of final grade.

This project requires students to locate a suitable site for a dollar store presented in a case study. Students must first specify the needs of the store and then, based on these needs, search their local commercial rental market for a suitable retail unit and write an offer to lease.

Project 2: Offer to lease: 5% of final grade

Project 3: Preparing a management prospectus: 50% of final grade.

This project requires students to prepare a management prospectus based on both the information provided in provided description and on research, highlighting the essential tasks for a property manager.

Textbook: Managing and Leasing Commercial Properties, published by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). UBC Real Estate Bookstore 

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