Real Estate Division

BUSI 446 - Real Estate Development II

Course Outline

Lesson No. 1: Economic Feasibility Analysis 
Lesson No. 2: Development Approval Process 
Lesson No. 3: Introduction to Development Finance 
Lesson No. 4: Financing Development 
Lesson No. 5: Project Management in Construction 
Lesson No. 6: Marketing and Sales 
Lesson No. 7: Strategic Decision Making

Course Structure

Weekly multiple choice assignments: 10% of final grade.

Project 1: Economic feasibility analysis of a land development: 25% of final grade.

This project requires students to determine the feasibility of a proposed property development (continued from BUSI 445), by constructing pro forma budgets and cash flows.

Project 2: Project scheduling in real estate development: 15% of final grade.

This project requires students to prepare (1) a generalized development schedule that gives an overview of the development process from implementation to sales, and (2) a detailed flow chart that allows everyone connected with the project to navigate through the development process for their property from project 1.

Project 3: Marketing plans in real estate development: 10% of final grade.

This project requires students to create a marketing plan for the development using the concepts introduced in the course.

Final exam: Multiple choice and short-answer written questions: 40% of final grade.

Additional Resources

See Table of Contents for the texbook for this course:

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