Real Estate Division

BUSI 445 - Real Estate Development I

Course Outline

Lesson No. 1: Real Estate Development Overview 
Lesson No. 2: Economic Forces and Trends in Real Estate Development 
Lesson No. 3: Forces Shaping Real Estate Development: Political and Governmental 
Lesson No. 4: Analysis of Development Potential 
Lesson No. 5: Land Acquisition 
Lesson No. 6: Urban Planning and Design 
Lesson No. 7: Introduction to Feasibility Studies

Course Structure

Weekly multiple choice assignments: 10% of final grade.

Project 1: Location, neighbourhood, and site analysis: 20% of final grade.

This project involves a physical location, neighbourhood, and site analysis on a property selected by the student for a proposed development project. The projects require a personal visit to the prospective site.

Project 2: Market analysis: 20% of final grade.

Building on project 1, students are to complete a market analysis for the same property and create a report. Students will be required to conduct research on the surrounding areas as well as visit the site in order to successfully complete the project.

Project 3: Preparation of offer to purchase: 10% of final grade.

Students are required to find comparable sales in the area of their property (from the first two projects) to generate an offer price for the purchase of the property.

Final exam: Multiple choice and short-answer written questions: 40% of final grade.

Additional Resources

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