Real Estate Division

BUSI 433 - Real Estate Business

Course Outline

Lesson No. 1: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development
Lesson No. 2: Business Strategy
Lesson No. 3: Organizing and Financing the Business
Lesson No. 4: Accounting for Small Businesses
Lesson No. 5: Taxation
Lesson No. 6: Law in the Real Estate Context
Lesson No. 7: Professional Ethics
Lesson No. 8: Marketing
Lesson No. 9: People Management: Leadership and Organizational Structures
Lesson No. 10: Managing Employees: Motivation and Labour Relations
Lesson No. 11: Technology
Lesson No. 12: Succession Planning

Course Structure

Weekly multiple choice assignments: 10% of final grade.

Project 1 & 2: Business research and analysis exercises: 40% of final grade.

The two projects involve creating a business plan for a new business, or carrying out a detailed strategic management review of an existing business. Project 1 covers the first half of the business plan or strategic management review, including topics such as small business development, business strategy, financial planning, accounting, taxation, and legal and ethical considerations. Project 2 covers the second half of the business plan or strategic management review, including topics such as marketing, human resources management, technology, and succession planning.

Final exam: Multiple choice and short-answer written questions: 50% of final grade.

Additional Resources

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