Real Estate Division

BUSI 401 - Commercial Property Analysis

Course Structure

This is a scheduled online course that is completed over 15 weeks. The weekly work typically includes reading one or more chapters and completing a multiple choice assignment. There are two term projects required and the course ends with a written online examination. 

Course Details/Syllabus

Lesson No. 1: Introduction and Substructure
Lesson No. 2: Superstructure 
Lesson No. 3: Building Envelope and Interiors 
Lesson No. 4: Building Systems and Green Buildings
Lesson No. 5: Area Measurement
Lesson No. 6: Environmental Contamination
Lesson No. 7: Multi-Family and Office Properties
Lesson No. 8: Retail Properties
Lesson No. 9: Industrial and Agricultural Properties

Multiple choice assignments: 10% (in total) of final grade

Project 1: Measurement and Research exercises: 15% of final grade
Project 1 serves as a review of the content in Chapters 1-8 of the Course Manual. It requires you to complete a space measurement exercise based on the BOMA 1996 Standard Method of Measurement – the information can be downloaded from the Projects section of the Online Readings webpage. You are also expected to carry out a small research project, in report form, which highlights some aspect of commercial design or construction that interests you.

Project 2: Commercial property inspection: 25% of final grade
Project 2 requires you carry out an inspection of a commercial property and submit a detailed report. The purpose of this assignment is to acquaint you with the methodology used in commercial property inspection by having you actually carry out your own analysis. In effect, you will do what is required of an appraiser in preparing an appraisal report, a property manager carrying out a property survey, or a potential purchaser carrying out a due diligence analysis

Final examination: Multiple choice and short-answer written questions: 50% of final grade

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