Real Estate Division

BUSI 398 - Residential Property Guided Case Study

Course Structure

This is a scheduled online course that is completed over 30 weeks. The weekly work typically includes reading one or more chapters, watching an instructional video. There are 18 assignments and the course ends with a final take home examination.

Course Details/Syllabus

Lesson No. 1: Appraisal Process and Course Expectations
Lesson No. 2: Critical Thought
Lesson No. 3: Principles of Research
Lesson No. 4: Market Research and Subject Property Identification
Lesson No. 5: Data Analysis and Tools
Lesson No. 6: Effective Report Writing
Lesson No. 7: Title Searching
Lesson No. 8: Area and City Analysis, and Neighbourhood Analysis
Lesson No. 9: Site & Improvements Description, and Assessment & Taxes
Lesson No. 10: Zoning/Land Use Controls and Highest and Best Use
Lesson No. 11: Cost Approach – Land Value
Lesson No. 12: Cost Approach – Cost Analysis
Lesson No. 13: Depreciation Analysis and Cost Approach Summary
Lesson No. 14: Direct Comparison Approach
Lesson No. 15: Income Approach
Lesson No. 16: Reconciliation, Certification, and Introduction
Lesson No. 17: Summary and Linkages
Lesson No. 18: Submission of the Narrative Appraisal Report

14 assignments: 50% of final grade.

Final examination (Assignment 18): 50% of final grade.

Textbook sold separately: Appraisal of Real Estate (3rd Canadian Edition), $103.95 (includes taxes). Can be purchased directly from the Real Estate Division's Online Bookstore.

Additional Information

  • Lesson 4: Selecting your Subject Property. Choosing an appropriate subject is crucial; you can review this lesson for the requirements and start thinking about this in advance.
  • Document Fees: Students are responsible for additional fees, potentially up to several hundred dollars, for documents such as title searches for the subject property and comparables, corporate registry searches, costing reports, surveys and maps, and so on

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