Real Estate Division

BUSI 344 - Statistical and Computer Applications in Valuation

Course Structure

This is a scheduled online course that is completed over 15 weeks. The weekly work typically includes reading one or more chapters, watching an instructional video, and completing a multiple choice assignment.  There are two term projects required and the course ends with a written online examination.

Course Details/Syllabus

Lesson No. 1 - Statistical Foundations for Real Estate Analysis
Lesson No. 2 - Statistical Software Applications for Real Estate Analysis
Lesson No. 3 - Exploratory Data Analysis
Lesson No. 4 - Market Identification and Property Characterization
Lesson No. 5 - Statistical Analysis and Computer Applications Case Studies
Lesson No. 6 - Basics of Model Building
Lesson No. 7 - Model Building using Multiple Regression Analysis
Lesson No. 8 - Comprehensive Model Building – Data Screening and Testing
Lesson No. 9 - Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)
Lesson No. 10 - Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Prerequisites: No mandatory prerequisites. Recommend BUSI 121 and BUSI 330.

Software: Requires Microsoft Excel and IBM SPSS. See the Statistical Software page for more information.

Weekly multiple choice assignments: 10% of final grade.

Project 1: Statistical and Computer Valuation Applications: 15% of final grade

Project 2: Valuation Modelling Case Study: 25% of final grade

Final exam: Multiple choice and short-answer, written questions: 50% of final grade

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