Real Estate Division

BUSI 331 - Real Estate Investment Analysis and Advanced Income Appraisal

Course Structure

This is a scheduled online course that is completed over 15 weeks. The weekly work typically includes reading one or more chapters and completing a multiple choice assignment. In addition, there are two projects required and the course ends with a written online examination.

Course Details/Syllabus

Lesson No. 1 – Overview of Real Estate Assets/Markets and Math Review
Lesson No. 2 – Analysis of Income and Expenses
Lesson No. 3 – Introduction to Leasing
Lesson No. 4 – Lease Analysis
Lesson No. 5 – Appraisal of Income-Producing Properties and Valuation of Leasehold Interests
Lesson No. 6 – Taxation of Real Estate Investments
Lesson No. 7 – Real Estate Investment Analysis
Lesson No. 8 – Mortgage-Equity and Residual Methods of Valuation
Lesson No.  9 – Risk Determination, Measurement, and Analysis
Lesson No. 10 – Real Estate Ownership Structures
Lesson No. 11 – Real Estate Investments: Portfolio Analysis and Management

Weekly multiple choice assignments: 15% of final grade.

Project 1: Proforma and spreadsheet exercise: 10% of final grade

This project requires the student to analyze a real estate investment provided to them in a case study, by creating a dynamic spreadsheet.

Project 2: Analysis of a prospective real estate investment: 25% of final grade

This project requires the student to find a real-life investment opportunity, analyze it, and create a report using the concepts from this course and the spreadsheet developed in the first project. In order to successfully complete the project, students must visit the subject property and carry out detailed research on property specific and current market issues.

Final exam: Multiple choice, short-answer written questions, and case studies: 50% of final grade

See Table of Contents for the textbook for this course:

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