Real Estate Division

BUSI 121 - Foundations of Real Estate Mathematics

Course Outline

Lesson No. 1: The Basis of Financial Analysis and Interest Rate Conversions
Lesson No. 2: Present Value Analysis
Lesson No. 3: Future Value Analysis
Lesson No. 4: Mortgage Loan Analysis
Lesson No. 5: Mortgage Finance Applications: Vendor Financing and Assumable Loans
Lesson No. 6: Mortgage Finance Applications: Cost of Borrowing and Investment Yields
Lesson No. 7: Real Estate Investment Analysis
Lesson No. 8: Mathematics of Graphing and Surveying
Lesson No. 9: Foundations of Statistics
Lesson No. 10: Exploring Statistical Relationships
Lesson No. 11: Multiple Regression and Real Estate
Lesson No. 12: Further Topics in Statistics: Sampling and Time Series Analysis

Evaluation Methods

  • Multiple Choice Assignments: 10%
  • Projects/Written Assignments:
    • Project No. 1: 20%
    • Project No. 2: 20%
  • Final Examination: 50%

Additional Resources

See Table of Contents for the course manual:

  • Foundations of Real Estate Mathematics

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