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Appraisal Institute of Canada Degree Completion Opportunities

Candidates must hold a degree from an accredited university in order to attain use of Appraisal Institute of Canada designations. The Appraisal Institute of Canada's education program consists of a series of degree credit courses offered through the University of British Columbia. Students interested in advancing their AIC studies towards a university degree may do so at any post-secondary institution where these credits are recognized.

This webpage outlines several recognized AIC degree completion opportunities.


  • All of the following degrees recognize AIC courses for credit;
  • "Residency" means the number of courses that must be completed at the institution;
  • "Restrictive course selection" means a more rigid course structure and less flexibility in choice of courses and ability to apply transfer credit.

University of British Columbia

Thompson Rivers University Open Learning

  • Bachelor of Real Estate Management: 15 credit residency requirement, restrictive course selection, online courses.
  • Bachelor of General Studies: 15 credit  residency requirement, flexible course selection, online courses, prior learning assessment recognition (PLAR). Most flexible option for recognition of prior learning.

Athabasca University

Royal Roads University

University of Guelph

The Real Estate Division welcomes further information on degree completion opportunities. Please contact us if you have suggestions for additional opportunities. 

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