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Appraisal Institute of Canada Applied Experience Exam

Applied Experience (AE) Exams are designation requirements for both the CRA and AACI designations. The AE Exams are created by the AIC and are graded by CRA or AACI designated markers. The Real Estate Division administers these examinations on behalf of AIC. Candidates wishing to write one of the Applied Experience Exams can register for the exam via the Real Estate Division's Course Registration webpage. Students must contact their provincial AIC Association in advance to gain eligibility to write the AE Examination prior to registering with UBC.

Detailed information on the examination content and on the examination process can be found on AIC's Applied Experience Exam webpage (AIC members only - requires login)

AIC Links: Available to AIC members only - requires login:

  • Applied Experience Exam Information, including:
    • How to prepare for the examination
    • Tips for writing the exam
    • Examination writing strategies
    • Frequently asked questions on Applied Experience Exam
  • Exam Preparation Webinar: visit the AIC Events webpage for an upcoming presentation – registration opens 2 weeks prior to exam
  • Contact AIC - questions regarding exam content, marking standards, exam webinar, examination performance and exam grading.

UBC Links:

  • Applied Experience Exam registration – Exam registration must be completed by the specified deadline for the examination date desired. Contact your provincial AIC Association in advance to gain eligibility to write the AE Examination.
  • Applied Experience Exam Regulations – AE Exam eligibility must be confirmed by the AIC Provincial Affiliate prior to registration. AE Examination registration will not be completed until proof of eligibility is received by the Real Estate Division. Registration for an AE Exam does not guarantee eligibility to write the examination.
  • Examination Dates and Deadlines – Applied Experience Exam registration deadline
  • Online Exams – review the computer requirements, instructions, and especially the Frequently Asked Questions
    • Applied Experience Exam Day Checklist - Important items you will need for your AE examination, as well as those that are not permitted.
    • Canvas Exam Site: you must login with your CWL (Campus Wide Login) and complete the "Pre-Exam System Test" within 3 days of your exam date.  If you have technical difficulties, please email
    • Sample Format: AACI Applied Experience Exam: on the Canvas exam page, you will find a sample exam with the questions removed. You can review the extensive exam instructions in advance and get familiar with the exam format, so that you can focus your exam time on answering the questions. 
    • Applied Experience Exam Success Tips - Practical suggestions for coping with exam anxiety.
  • Contact UBC Real Estate Division - questions regarding registration, exam dates/location, and timing of exam grading. All questions regarding exam content and exam grades should be directed to AIC.

What if I fail the examination?

  • Review the grading worksheet closely (found on the Course History webpage after your exam has been graded).  This explains the basis for your exam grade. It is crucial that you understand the areas where you need to improve, in order to achieve success in rewriting this examination.
  • Post-exam review: all exams with failing grades are immediately sent to a second marker, who will confirm the accuracy and fairness of the grading, as well as provide further feedback. Exam grades are considered Provisional until confirmed by this review.
  • Rewrite the exam: you may apply to rewrite the examination at the next scheduled sitting of your choice, at a fee of $215 per attempt. See the schedule for future exam dates and the registration page. Exam registration must be received by the specified deadline for the examination date requested. Please note: if you are unsuccessful in passing the examination after three attempts, AIC may require you to complete additional education and/or experience before being permitted to write the examination again. Contact or +1 613.234.6533 for more information


  • For questions regarding exam content or exam grading or performance, please contact AIC: or +1 613.234.6533
  • For questions regarding registration, exam dates, or timing of exam grading, please contact the UBC Real Estate Division's exam department at 1.877.775.7733, or

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