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Guided Case Studies: AACI Designation

To meet the guided case study requirement for the AACI designation, the candidate may complete an appraisal of either an income-producing property or agricultural property. AIC's guided case study requirement for income-producing and agricultural properties are fulfilled by the BUSI 499 and 497 "Guided Case Study" courses. These courses were developed in a partnership between the UBC Real Estate Division and the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

BUSI 499 — Income Property Guided Case Study Course

BUSI 497— Agricultural Guided Case Study Course

BUSI 499/497 is a two-term university credit course, which guides candidates through the appraisal report writing process with the end result of submitting a full-scale narrative appraisal report submission.

In this course, candidates benefit from interim feedback on portions of the report as well as additional instruction in areas such as report writing techniques, research ability, and critical thinking. There are also online course resources available to help guide students through the course and students will have the ability to interact with fellow students through the course discussion forum. Note that as a part of this course, students are expected to choose their own property to appraise as well as research all of the data necessary to support the appraisal. The course tutor is available to assist in these tasks.

Successful completion of BUSI 499/497 will count for 6 credits towards the Bachelor of Business in Real Estate degree. Click to view an outline for BUSI 499 or BUSI 497.

BUSI 499/497 is offered three times per year, starting in September (Winter Term I), January (Winter Term II), and May (Summer Term I). For enrollment deadlines, please see the important dates webpage. For registration information, please visit the registration website.

Tuition for this two-term course is $1,350, which includes all fees such as marking, tutoring, guiding materials, property registration, and grading of the final report submission. Tuition can be paid in instalments, with $750 due immediately and the balance due partway through the first term of the course.

Note: For reference materials in preparing appraisal reports, AIC and UBC recommend the Canadian edition of The Appraisal of Real Estate text (used in courses BUSI 330, 331, 352, 442 and 452). See the Appraisal of Real Estate webpage for prices and purchase information.

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