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Course equivalencies and transcript reviews

At the time of Application for Admission to any UBC Real Estate Division program (including the AIC Program), you may apply in writing to the Real Estate Division for transfer credits from Program courses which are essentially similar to other courses for which you have previously received post secondary credit. A number of course transfer credits have already been determined. As a general rule, courses completed more than ten years ago are not eligible for transfer credits or exemptions. Please see the Course Equivalency Matrices at the bottom of this page.

How to apply for exemptions or transfer credit

All new students seeking exemptions or transfer credit must complete and submit to the Real Estate Division an Online Admission Application along with the required fees and all supporting documents.

All current and returning students seeking exemptions or transfer credit must log in and submit the transcript review form, payment, and all supporting documentation to the Real Estate Division.

Where exemptions or transfer credits have been granted, a student must complete at minimum 50% of the required courses within the program directly with the Real Estate Division to be eligible for graduation. UBC requires that transcripts must be official copies sent directly from the issuing institution OR forwarded in an unopened envelope sealed by the issuing institution. An official transcript bears an official seal and/or signature of the issuing institution, or has been produced on the institution's secured paper. Photocopies, faxed copies and legally certified (notarized) copies are not acceptable and should not be submitted. Official transcripts become the property of the University.


New student application fee is $75.00. Canadian transcripts are assessed for a $50.00 review fee; non-Canadian transcripts are assessed for a review fee of $100.00. If eligible, you may either be granted a full exemption, or be required to write a challenge examination for the course. The cost for each challenge examination is $150.00. Students may purchase examination study materials from the Real Estate Division.

Courses may be taken on an individual basis with prior approval from the Real Estate Division. Please note that courses taken on an individual basis will not count as credit toward a diploma or certificate.

Note: licensing students

Students who have successfully completed a) Mortgages: A Course for Lenders and Brokers; or b) Mortgages: A Real Estate Financing Course, may be granted a Partial Challenge of BUSI 121 - Foundations of Real Estate Mathematics and an exemption for BUSI 221 - Real Estate Finance in a Canadian Context. The cost of a Partial Challenge is $295.00.

Students who have successfully completed the Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course for British Columbia (formerly the Real Estate Salesperson’s and Sub-Mortgage Broker’s Pre-Licensing Course) are eligible for an exemption from BUSI 111 - British Columbia Real Property Law and Real Estate Ethics.

Students who have successfully completed the Rental Property Management Licensing Course are eligible for an exemption from BUSI 441 - Real Estate Management I.

Course equivalency matrices

PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download this free software, visit the Adobe website and follow the on-screen instructions.

Request for Further Review of Transcripts

If your transcript has been reviewed for transfer credit purposes and you didn’t receive credit for a course that you feel you should have, there is a process for further review of transcripts.

Generally, in order for us to complete a more comprehensive review, we need you to provide as much specific information as possible in support of your request. Your transfer credit request must present a compelling argument that you have already covered the material contained in each BUSI course for which you are seeking credit. UBC has a high standard for awarding transfer credit, requiring that 80% or more of the BUSI course content be directly covered by one or more of the courses from your academic history. The evidence you provide must meet depth, breadth and rigor requirements of each BUSI course. For each BUSI course you are seeking credit, you must clearly draw our attention to the relevant content in each supporting course. This is a key part of the process, as you must be certain that all of the information you provide is accompanied with an explanation as to how it relates to the specific chapters or topics of each BUSI course.

Please note that transfer credit cannot be based on work experience, but only on your previous academic course work. If it is relevant, you may include a statement about how you have applied the knowledge gained in your previous course work in a work environment, but this is only in support of your previous course work, not in place of it.

The following information is typically helpful in support of a transfer credit request:

  • Institution, Course Name and Instructor
  • Dates Course were taken (if not shown on transcript)
  • Course Description
  • Detailed Course Outline and Topics
  • Textbooks (and specific chapters covered) and Reading Lists, key web sites
  • Assessment Methods (Exams, Case Studies, etc.) and their percentage allocation to final grade.

Again, the most important part of your application is to specify exactly how the parts of each course(s) you have completed directly support or relate to each of the sections in the BUSI course(s) for which you are seeking transfer credit.

Completed applications can be sent by email or courier to Yvonne Chuen, Admissions Officer,

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