PhD in Business Administration

Commerce supplementary application

Applicants can answer these questions in either numerical order or in essay format.

  • Give your full name and proposed area of specialization.
  • Please list any academic awards, achievements, honours or other distinctions you have received.
  • Please state your professional work experience including the company [name], employment dates, and position.
  • What research topics interest you? How has your prior academic training and/or work experience influenced your research interests?
  • State your career plans. Describe how a PhD Program fits into these plans.
  • Give a candid appraisal of your strengths and weaknesses with special reference to the qualities that will contribute to success in a doctoral program.
  • Why do you wish to study at UBC? What other schools are you applying to?
  • Please provide any other information which you think would be helpful in assessing your capabilities and motivation to do independent research at the doctoral level.

Please submit to: 

PhD Program
Robert H. Lee Graduate School
Sauder School of Business 
University of British Columbia
137-2053 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC

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