UBC MSc in Business Administration

Management information system program structure


  • B.Comm or equivalent with at least 15 credits in MIS and/or Computer Science
  • Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree with at least 15 credits of Commerce courses

Students with a first degree other than B.Comm, Computer Science, and Computing Engineering should consider our MBA program in MIS. Alternatively, they can complete 15 credits of Commerce courses and 15 credits of MIS and/or Computer Science courses elsewhere before applying to our MSc program.

Students having most of the prerequisites but missing 1-2 courses can still be admitted into the MSc program, but they will have to add the missing prerequisite courses as part of the MSc requirements.

MSc program requirements

  • 9 credits of advanced MIS courses
  • 3 credits of research methodology courses
  • 6 credits of electives
  • 12 credit thesis

Advanced MIS Courses (9 credits)

  • Comm 633 (3 credits): Modelling Methods in the Research and Practice of Information Systems
  • Comm 634 (3 credits): Empirical Research Methods in Information Systems
  • Comm 635 (3 credits) or BAIT 580 (1.5 credits, to be taken twice): Advanced Topics in Management Information Systems

Research Methodology Courses (3 credits)

Commerce 525 (Introduction to Behavioural Research Methods for Business) is highly recommended.

MIS Workshop 

Participation in the MIS Workshop throughout the MSc studies is required. The MIS workshop is devoted to learning and sharing information on current research topics.

Thesis (12 credits)

A required and major component of the MSc program in MIS is the thesis. The thesis work can comprise basic or applied research.

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