UBC Master of Management

Study globally

Put the world on your resume

At UBC Sauder, we’re serious about giving you a global perspective on business, which is why we provide opportunities for our students to gain a worldly experience.

Summer study abroad program

UBC MM Study Abroad programs take place during the summer months and vary in length from one to seven weeks. You’ll get an opportunity to study new subjects and network with future international business leaders from around the world. Fees may vary depending on the partner school.

Yale M2M dual degree

This prestigious dual degree program offers qualified students the opportunity to earn, in less than two years, a UBC Master of Management and a Master of Management Studies in Global Business and Society (GBS) degree from the Yale School of Management. 

Exclusive to students of member schools of the Global Network for Advanced Management, UBC MMs will be the only MM students from a Canadian school able to be a part of this program.

This option is open to students applying to the UBC MM, students currently enrolled in the UBC MM degree program, and alumni who graduated from UBC Sauder MM program within the last three years. Students will spend Year 1 of the program at UBC and Year 2 in Yale’s GBS program. Students are required to have 12 weeks of full-time work experience and not more than 3 years of full-time work experience prior to entering the GBS program.

Application into the M2M Dual Degree

The track will allow students to receive a joint admissions decision, regarding the UBC MM and the Yale GBS. Students must apply into the M2M Dual Degree simultaneously. On the UBC MM application, there will be a checkbox where students may indicate their interest in applying to the M2M Dual Degree.

Please note that an admission into the UBC MM is not a guarantee of an admission into the Yale GBS. Also note that if students are not successful into applying for the M2M Dual Degree, but are provided admission into the UBC MM, they are still eligible to apply to the standalone GBS program.

Application into the GBS

Current UBC MM students or alumni may apply into the standalone GBS program.

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