UBC Master of Management

BAHR 550 Organizational Behaviour

This course is about people; specifically, people at work. Research shows that effective people practices result in significant organizational achievement. BAHR 550 introduces you to the concepts of leading self, leading others and leading companies effectively, with the view of making organizations more productive, more competitive and - if relevant - more profitable.

The learning objectives for this course are:

  • To enhance understanding of the fundamentals of leading, managing, and collaborating with others in the workplace.
  • To create a strong, healthy organizational culture that will enable a company to achieve its strategy and purpose, where employees can thrive, and feel a sense of belonging, responsibility, and commitment.
  • To investigate concepts from the social sciences that are useful for understanding workplace situations and apply these frameworks to solve problems or design solutions.
  • To improve interpersonal, team and leadership skills, and to recognize that such expertise can dramatically impact the achievements of a workplace.
  • To promote evidence based management, recognizing that it is through effective human decision-making that organizations do well.
  • To investigate sources of power and motivation, in order to get the best out of people.

Instructor BiographyTracey Gurton

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