UBC Master of Management

BAHR 507 Two-Party Negotiations


Managers negotiate everyday. They negotiate about contracts, leases, purchases, salaries and other material issues as well as about less tangible issues like expectations, ideas, and responsibilities. Managers need analytical skills to discover superior solutions to organizational challenges, but they need negotiation skills to get others to accept and implement these solutions. Unfortunately, many managers negotiate poorly. They compromise, give in, or force others to give in when creative problem solving could lead to a deal that would be better for everyone involved.

The goal of this course is to help managers become better negotiators. The course focuses on two-party negotiation. In it, you will learn how you and other people act in negotiations and how to avoid common mistakes. You will also have a chance to assess your negotiation style and develop an approach to negotiating that is consistent with your personality and values. This class is about learning by doing and so it uses a series of negotiation simulation exercises to help improve negotiation skills. You will act out roles that are assigned and distributed in class. After each exercise, the class will discuss all class members' performances. The purpose of the discussion is to discover which negotiation approaches worked well and which didn't. They will also give you a chance to reflect on your own approach to negotiations.

Instructor Biography - Perry Atwal

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