UBC Master of Management

BAEN 550 Fundamentals in Entrepreneurship

This is an overview course for students who would like exposure to the field of entrepreneurship and may be considering becoming entrepreneurs in the near or more distant future in a startup and/or in a corporate setting. It is also useful to anyone who expects to be interacting with entrepreneurs in their business careers, be it as private investors, venture capitalists, consultants or customers. The course provides an experience-based exposure to the process of starting entrepreneurial ventures as well as examining the challenges facing any would-be entrepreneur in the real world. The emphasis in this course is on applying concepts and techniques from various functional specialties within the context of new business development.

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Recognize concepts, and utilize tools and frameworks related to entrepreneurship and startups
  • Analyze ideas, opportunities and/or innovations through customer discovery and primary market research
  • Create and critique business plans
  • Synthesize, apply and communicate startup knowledge, process and strategies

Instructor BiographyFraser Pogue

Image of woman with a headset talking