UBC Master of Management

BABS 550 Applications of Statistics in Management


The object of this course is to give students an understanding of the role of statistics in business and management. It will become clear how pervasive statistics has become and how essential the basic concepts are to modern management practices. Students will learn the basics of data analysis and the fundamental notion of statistical inference. The statistical concepts in this course will provide the knowledge necessary for students to apply the basic techniques in a wide variety of circumstances and perhaps more importantly, will enable you to assess the legitimacy and significance of the many and varied reports that you will come across during your careers.


  • Understanding and displaying data
  • Different types of data
  • Different ways to plot data, and the circumstances under which each method is appropriate
  • Measures of central tendency, mean, median, mode, etc.
  • Measures of dispersion or variance
  • Statistical hypothesis testing, tests for differences of two means, etc.

Instructor BiographyJonathan Berkowitz

Image of woman with a headset talking