UBC Master of Management

BA 562 Creativity

Creativity is at a crossroads as a powerful tool for business. An IBM-led study of 3,000 CEOs listed “creativity” as the most important factor that they believed would drive their business success.  Never before has creativity been such a valuable, sought after asset in companies across all industries. At the same time, business schools and business have been accused of squashing the creative spirit in individuals. We’ll find out why and what you can do to ensure your creative voice flourishes.

Learn how to

  • Demonstrate your creative potential; how to unlock it, express it, foster it.
  • Recognize that creativity is a process, not a flash of blinding light.
  • Foster creativity and innovation in others – build a creative culture.
  • Explore how creativity can be killed/muzzled intentionally or not.
  • Gain experience using creativity tools.
  • Explore how you can be the inspiration for ideas in your company.

Instructor BiographyDarren Dahl

Image of woman with a headset talking