UBC Master of Management

BA 560 Ethics & Sustainability


Managers are increasingly required to build strong sustainable and ethical systems, engage with stakeholders, and innovate to create new products and services in response to growing environmental and social pressures and evolving market demands. This course will provide students with a broad foundation for understanding and improving their ethical and environmental performance and an overview of the tools and approaches that support the internal and external corporate processes required of successful, responsible organizations.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify ethical responsibilities and opportunities
  • Recognize and improve the situational factors driving ethical and sustainable behavior
  • Apply values-based management principles to diverse business challenges
  • Monitor and evaluate corporate performance and reputation and identify emerging threats
  • Engage effectively with key external stakeholders
  • Audit and report corporate sustainability performance using the Stakeholder Sustainability Framework

 Instructor Biography - David Hardisty

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