Your path to success

The UBC MBA program teaches the very latest in theoretical and applied knowledge by integrating an innovative curriculum with new technologies and pioneering teaching methods.

Our program is built on the following critical business skills that form the DNA of the UBC MBA curriculum. The following themes are not only taught as individual courses, they are also woven throughout the whole program.

  • Creativity
  • Decision Making
  • Global Issues & Macroeconomics
  • Ethics & Sustainability
  • Leadership Development

To delve deep into an area of expertise, students choose from one of the following career tracks within the 16-month MBA program:

  • Finance
  • Product & Service Management
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Technology & Analytics Leadership
  • Custom

Spanning disciplines, perspectives and cultures, Business Strategy modules develop your managerial decision-making skills; including integrated case days, client presentations and internships or entrepreneurial projects.

What you'll learn

  • Gain a broad base of business knowledge

  • Gain insights into how successful managers solve diverse issues

  • Develop the critical thinking and decision-making skills to prepare you for leadership roles

Global Immersion Experience (GIE)

Travel abroad and consult for a pre-selected company overseas on a real-world business challenge.


Test your ability to make integrative decisions in response to market, financial, and operational challenges designed to bring together the concepts and skills you have acquired throughout your MBA.

Your choice of two experiential learning options

  • Internship

    Work with companies as a strategic consultant.

  • Entrepreneurial or industry project

    Create a detailed business plan for a new venture, or identify new business opportunities.


Foundation courses cover general business management, so that you'll build an understanding of everything from accounting to marketing to finance.


Gain a strong grasp of managerial accounting concepts and understand how to interpret financial statements to evaluate a company’s performance.

Intro to finance

Learn core finance principles, including how to identify appropriate (and inappropriate) uses of funds, how to value cash flows and investments in physical assets, and deal with time and uncertainty in financial decision-making.

Organizational behaviour

Understand how you can personally impact change through influencing and motivating others, in order to become a better leader.

Marketing fundamentals

Learn to develop marketing strategies through market segmentation, marketing plan development and profitability assessment of products and services.

Operations fundamentals

Learn how products and services are successfully produced and delivered through effective supply chain management.


From understanding how the forces of supply and demand lead to market outcomes, to the study of production and costs, you will gain a framework that fosters logical thinking about economic problems.

Fundamentals of analytics and tech

Learn the fundamentals of business analytics (BA) and technology and gain a comprehensive introduction to the concepts and techniques of BA, and their applications in the industries (ex. fintech, healthcare, automation, customer analytics, etc.).


Our program is built on five critical business skills that form the DNA of the UBC MBA curriculum. The following themes are not only taught as individual courses, they are also woven throughout the whole program.


Create solutions unimagined by others, by developing your innate creativity and a desire to do things better.


Decision making

Gain the analytical and critical thinking skills valued by employers.


Global issues and macroeconomics

Be able to intelligently address large economic subjects—from government policy and inflation to unemployment, central bank policy, and global trade.


Ethics and sustainability

Become equipped to respond to a wide array of social, ethical and environmental issues that foster an ethical and sustainable business culture.


Leadership development

Learn how to align people with a cause and empower them to achieve more. Inspire others to exercise their own power and be responsive, rather than reactive.


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