Write reports that will get read to the very end

Incident reports, progress reviews, technical briefs, analytical assessments: most business professionals are overwhelmed with many types of reports they have to read and write in a typical work week. 

No matter what the type of information report you write, the purpose is always the same: to convey relevant information about a specific problem, situation or opportunity. In this program, you will learn tips and techniques for organizing and writing information reports that give your readers the exact details they need—no more, no less. Craft concise, coherent documents that will engage your audience and keep them reading to the very end. 

Online program format

This one-day program includes facilitator-led sessions in real time, with ample breaks provided. It features a variety of interactive learning resources such as polls, discussions, individual writing exercises and collaborative team writing activities in virtual breakout rooms. You will also have access to checklists and templates for crafting relevant, skillfully written reports.

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