Write emails more efficiently to engage busy readers

A key challenge for busy professionals today is the number of emails they need to read and respond to. This reality demands new skills for writing a greater volume of emails more efficiently and effectively.

This program is designed to increase your speed, proficiency and impact when writing emails to diverse readers. Engage busy readers with a compelling subject line, clear messaging, concise format and precise wording. Get tips for writing emails conveying routine requests, bad news and goodwill. Apply a variety of methods to fine-tune your email writing process and to enhance your professional image as an effective communicator.

Online program format

This one-day program includes facilitator-led online sessions in real time, with ample breaks provided. The interactive format includes polls, chats, discussions and group activities in virtual breakout rooms. You’ll also get hands-on practice with individual editing and collaborative team writing exercises to help you improve your efficiency when assessing, editing and revising emails. 

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