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Turning the Situation Around: Strategic Public Sector Leadership

Foster the flexibility needed to lead in challenging times

Delivered online in real time

The global pandemic and its economic impacts are creating profound challenges for public sector leaders. The ever-shifting conditions often require them to turn on a dime, in order to minimize dire outcomes and cultivate new opportunities for healthy change.

Dynamic times call for an adaptive leadership approach, and Situational Leadership is perhaps the most flexible of all. By incorporating many different leadership techniques, it enables leaders to take stock of their environment and their team, balance the many variables, and select the style best suited to meet their objectives and conditional needs.

Designed for public sector leaders, this online program will help you sharpen your Situational Leadership tool kit. Acquire concepts and tools for addressing the real-time matters you are facing now. Modify your leadership style to navigate a constantly evolving strategic, interpersonal and workplace landscape. Open up your problem-solving options, and promote the wellness and adaptability of people.

Online program format

Each day of this two-day program includes two online sessions in real time, with ample breaks provided. Sessions are highly interactive, including facilitator-lead instruction, group work in virtual breakout rooms and opportunities to present and receive feedback on your work. You will also have access to self-directed resources (readings, videos, templates, etc.) that you can access at any time.

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