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Thinking Strategically in the Digital Space

Develop a strategic road map for digital success

Former title: Strategic Thinking in the Digital Context

To thrive in today’s digitally-driven world, it is critical to embrace all of the key building blocks for your digital strategy work. Without these, digital initiatives are no more than short-term tactics that cannot drive a longer-term strategic advantage.

This program invites you to explore creative and analytical thinking systems, and to develop a strategic roadmap using innovative tools such as the Business Canvas Model. These tools are part of a design-thinking approach that will help unify your organization around a truly innovative—perhaps even disruptive—digital business strategy.

Online program format

Delivered self-paced online over 4 weeks, the program includes two live 1.5 hour online sessions each week. Average study time per week is about 6-8 hours, including live sessions.

Our online programs are structured to provide a positive, highly interactive learning environment that brings together a diverse group of participants with an online instructor. All of our instructors are experienced industry professionals who will provide their unique perspectives and ongoing feedback as you navigate through the content. 

“Jim was an incredible facilitator. Zoom can be a trying medium to get engagement, but he was very good at asking questions and encouraging discussion.”

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