Team Collaboration Skills for the New Workplace

Function more collaboratively for better results

Working with remote teams, either as a leader or a member, can be challenging. But when remote teams learn how to collaborate well, they are more motivated and empowered to perform at their productive best. 

In this workshop, you will learn how to collaborate successfully with remote teams in order to achieve performance goals. Mobilize the power of remote teams to generate creative options and solutions. Facilitate effective group decision making. Encourage everyone to contribute equally. Enable peak performance in both individuals and groups.

Please note: as programs must be at least one full day in length to qualify for an Executive Education Certificate, this partial-day program is not eligible as a certificate elective.

Online program format

This facilitator-led online program is highly interactive, enabling you to network with peers, brainstorm ideas and engage in virtual breakout room activities. You will also have access to online articles, videos, strategies and templates for getting the best results from remote teams.

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