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Taking the Stage ®

Enabling women to project a powerful leadership presence

The ability to speak with clarity and conviction is critical for all leaders, regardless of their gender. Yet, women continue to face obstacles in the workplace that can undermine their capacity to speak and be heard as leaders. 

Offered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc., this program enables all those who identify as women to come together and share their leadership challenges, while building leadership skills. Explore how gender norms shape ideas about leadership and communication. Think critically about the leadership identity you want to create. Practice using a simple, structured method to communicate with clarity and confidence. Unleash the power of your voice to project your authentic conviction and presence.

    ®Registered trademark of The Humphrey Group Inc.

    This program is open to all women-identifying people at any level of the organization. 

    • Embrace and communicate a confident leadership identity
    • Identify mindsets and habits that do not serve your goals
    • Craft logical, message-driven communication that gets your point across 
    • Use vibrant, assertive language and a powerful vocal presence
    • Achieve an authentic physical presence, both in-person and virtually
    • Effectively navigate conflict in conversations

    Embracing your Leadership Identity

    • What does it mean to take the stage in your role?
    • Crafting and communicating your leadership identity
    • Habits that may be working against you
    • Adopting the mindset to take the stage

    The Leader’s Script

    • Organizing and crafting your communication around a strong message with confident language
    • Building a focused and persuasive structure
    • Avoiding language traps 
    • Developing a script for an upcoming opportunity to demonstrate leadership

    Adopting a Leader’s Presence

    • Freeing your breath and projecting the power of your voice
    • Using body language, eye contact, pace and expression) to convey confidence and take control of perceptions

    Leading in Every Conversation

    • Listening to lead
    • Tactics for leading in conversations and conflict

    Special features

    This program creates a supportive space where you can connect with other women to discuss the specific issues you face. You’ll also engage in targeted skill-building exercises, and leave with skills you have had a chance to apply, test and review with the program leaders.

    Note: while every program from The Humphrey Group is unique, there will be overlap in the communications methodology that underpins the learning. Please speak to an advisor at 604.822.8400 if you plan to attend this after taking a previous Humphrey Group course.

    This course is delivered by the team at the Humphrey Group.

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    Jun 14 - 15, 2023
    $2195.00 + tax (5%)



    8:30am – 4:30pm in Vancouver, BC

    8:30am – 4:30pm in Vancouver, BC

    UBC Robson Square

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    Success stories

      “A great use of my time! The program was very practical and provided great tips and feedback on my presentation and communication style.”

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