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Strategy Playbook Act Two: Successful Strategic Integration

Align strategic thinking with tactical planning and execution

To survive and prosper in today’s disruptive business environment, organizational leaders must not only formulate the correct strategy, but also implement it effectively. 
This program integrates the best practices of strategic thinking, planning and execution into a fully aligned game plan. Convert the strategic vision into effective operational and tactical implementation plans. Create performance-oriented guidelines to help staff execute strategic goals, and ensure that business activities link back to the overall strategy. 

Note: Strategy Playbook Act One covers the fundamental concepts, tools and practices of strategy, while Strategy Playbook Act Two looks at strategy execution. There is no overlap between them, but together they form a natural progression of learning.

This program is designed for managers who are tasked with cascading the organization’s strategic plans into executable performance-oriented operational plans.

  • Cascade the organizational vision into executable operational and tactical plans
  • Dissect your operations into a comprehensive business model that can be assessed and modified to drive success
  • Balance core business and new initiatives
  • Ensure that everyone understands the strategic vision, has the tools they need to support it, and pulls together in a unified effort to deliver it
  • Redesign performance measures to enhance strategy implementation
  • Respond to changing conditions by continually rejuvenating the strategy

Strategic Execution: Getting Started and Developing Options

  • Applying the 4 building blocks of execution
  • Selecting between types of corporate choices 
  • Making strategic decisions using an options-led approach
  • Developing strategic entrepreneurship options 
  • Bridging the divide between the status quo and where you want to be

Finding the Best Way Forward

  • Clarifying, communicating and cascading your strategy
  • Building a business model from scratch, and understanding the consequences of changes 
  • Putting it all together in a dynamic strategy statement
  • Employing a clarity map to raise the chances of successful implementation

Implementing Effectively

  • Establishing targets, motivating and managing others
  • Evaluating and measuring progress 
  • Minimizing the risk of strategy failure
  • Remaining flexible and keeping the strategy dynamic
  • Managing individual and organizational change 

Special features

You will complete either a strategic plan for your own organization, or one of three scenarios reflecting your interests (Public Sector, Private Sector, Not-For-Profit) and present it to the group. You will also receive written feedback on your plan from the program leader. 

Dr. Perry Atwal

Perry Atwal


Perry is a faculty member at the UBC Sauder School of Business. He teaches courses on service management, employment relationships, organizational behaviour, strategy and marketing. He has led successful projects involving extremely diverse participants, and has forged effective relationships between business and government professionals at many levels. Previously he worked in Investment Banking in London, New York and Hong Kong.

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