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A dynamic business environment puts a premium on organizational vision. Our strategy, innovation and change management programs can help you define and deliver the future in an ever-changing landscape. 

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Our programs are offered in three different formats: in person, online real-time (facilitated live with specific start and end dates), and online on-demand (self-directed/self-paced, with no specific dates.) Please click the “Learn more” links to see the format for each individual program.

Developing Purpose-Driven Brands 

This half-day interactive online workshop references key success factors from case studies around the world that demonstrate how to build authentic, purpose-driven brands that get noticed, turn empathy into real action and drive bottom-line results.

Driving Board Value in Changing Times

This program focuses on changing expectations and opportunities for board directors in three key areas: finance, risk and governance. Explore new trends and pressures in corporate governance. Amplify your impact at the board table by providing effective oversight while delivering tangible value.

Implementing a Successful Digital Strategy

Build competencies for designing, implementing and measuring an effective digital strategy. Develop innovative digital solutions to rapidly evolving issues, and create community with customers. Apply reliable metrics to ensure the strategy is delivering a return on your digital investment.

Leading Change

Explore organizational change from a human perspective. See how change impacts people and what leadership behaviours are needed to manage it. Sustain momentum for change, while applying a disciplined approach to communicate clearly and facilitate the transition process.

Machine Learning: Strategic Applications

This program introduces the tools, techniques, opportunities, and applications of ML from a strategic perspective. Unlock the opportunities of this powerful technology to drive innovation and to create greater value and competitive edge in your business.

Next-Level Creativity and Innovation

Designed for experienced leaders or those who have completed a comprehensive program of business study, this half-day program provides a bite-sized look at creativity and innovation. Take the next step in understanding these key drivers of organizational success.

Next-Level Strategy

Designed for experienced leaders or those who have completed a comprehensive program of business study, this half-day program will take your understanding of strategy to the next level by considering issues at the forefront of strategic management.

Strategic Decision Making 

Practice techniques for making better strategic decisions in the face of complexity and uncertainty. Identify critical strategic dimensions on which to ground your decisions. Discover your options, predict consequences, and link decision-making issues to strategic goals.

Strategy Playbook Act One:
Building Blocks of Strategy 

Learn the basics of strategic planning by applying a variety of strategy tools and practices. Craft a strategy statement, and become more creative when considering strategic options. Grow your personal strategic capacity to identify opportunities and make sound decisions. 

Strategy Playbook Act Two: 
Successful Strategic Integration

This program integrates strategic thinking, planning and execution into a fully aligned game plan. Convert the strategic vision into effective operational and tactical implementation plans, and ensure that business activities link back to the overall strategy.

Thinking Strategically in the Digital Space 

Develop a strategic roadmap using innovative tools such as the Business Canvas Model. Apply a design-thinking approach that will help unify your organization around a truly innovative—perhaps even disruptive—digital business strategy.

"Excellent program, excellent faculty. It really helped me frame strategy and innovation with some extremely valuable tools to take back to the office and begin to implement."

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