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With our Strategy, Innovation, and Change Management programs, you’ll find creative solutions to today’s business challenges. Learn to drive strategic innovation, deliver organizational vision, and define the future in an ever-changing landscape.

Driving Innovation through Design Thinking

Offered by Executive Education HEC Montréal, this dynamic hands-on workshop explores the core principles of Design Thinking.

Harnessing Creativity for Organizational Growth

Explore creativity as a powerful organizational engine for solving complex challenges and driving innovation. Develop your personal creative leadership skills.

Leading Organizational Change

Designed for executives and senior leaders, this course will equip you with principles, tools and techniques for planning, executing and integrating the changes needed to drive your company’s strategy.

Machine Learning: Strategic Applications

This course introduces the tools, techniques, opportunities and applications of ML from a strategic perspective. Unlock the opportunities of this powerful technology to create greater value and competitive edge in your business.

Strategic Decision Making

Learn how to identify the most strategically important dimensions on which to ground your decisions, and find your best options. 

Strategy and Innovation

You will develop and harness your own creative potential to deliver competitive advantage for your organization, and understand the different routes to successful innovation.

The Strategy Playbook

This course integrates the best practices of strategic thinking, planning and execution into a fully aligned game plan. Think strategically to set the organizational vision. Convert the vision into effective operational and tactical implementation plans. 

The Chartered Director (C.Dir.) Program

The Chartered Director (C.Dir.) program, delivered with The Directors College, is a unique Directors Education program that goes beyond theory to prepare you for the real world. 

Understanding and Managing Change

This course looks at organizational change from a people and process perspective. Learn how change impacts people, and what leadership behaviours are needed to manage the upheaval.

"Excellent course, excellent faculty. It really helped me frame strategy and innovation with some extremely valuable tools to take back to the office and begin to implement."

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