Steering the way to a sustainable future

The world around us is changing and the status quo is no longer acceptable. Investors, customers and employees are demanding that businesses take action to tackle the big issues of climate change, equity, diversity, inclusion and indigenous reconciliation. Business performance will increasingly be measured not just on profit, but on how companies serve the interests of the wider community.   

This program develops leaders who want to drive a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous world. It will support you in helping your company tackle your company’s greatest social, ethical and environmental challenges. Explore strategies for change by determining your organizational priorities. Implement a plan of action for influencing cultural transformation. Become a champion for responsible leadership, and shine a guiding light on the future of business.

Responsible Leadership for a Changing World

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Program format

This program is delivered over five days of interactive, intellectually rich engagement. It consists of three modules spaced about one month apart to accommodate your busy schedule and allow more time for exploration and reflection. 

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