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Project, process and operations managers today must juggle shrinking timelines and rising expectations. Our project and process management programs are designed to help you deliver mission-critical work in an ever-changing world.

Engaging and Managing Stakeholders 

A key success factor in any project is managing stakeholders’ expectations. Identify key stakeholders, obtain their buy-in, and align their requirements to organizational strategies. Build a pragmatic approach to continuously engage and influence them.

Fundamentals of Business Process Management

The daily operations of most firms involve the flow of goods and services through processes. Explore basic concepts and practices in managing business processes. Get applied experience in process mapping, process improvement, and process change management.

Lean Black Belt

Designed for those responsible for improving value streams involving more than one process, this program focuses on the integration of Lean activities with the organizational restructuring and cultural empowerment needed to sustain Lean operations across an entire value stream.

Lean Green Belt

This program develops the Lean concepts and techniques you need to drive measurable improvements and stronger performance in your organization. It includes expert coaching on applied project work that may lead to Lean Green Belt certification.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt 

This self-directed online program introduces the Lean Six Sigma methodology for leading process improvement projects. Get started on your LSS journey by exploring fundamental LSS principles and how leaders in all industries are using LSS to solve problems and uncover opportunities.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt 

Improve your organization’s delivery speed, costs and quality by learning the fundamental concepts and methodologies of Lean Six Sigma. Explore how Process Excellence drives strategic programs and alignment across multiple areas. Build skills you can apply immediately back at work.

Project Leadership Guidelines for Success

Get a high-level perspective on how key project management concepts and team leadership impact project success. Learn techniques for building agile project environments and teams. Explore guidelines for leading a project organization that delivers benefits to the business.

Project Management Act One: An Introduction 

This program looks at the total project management process: from initiating to closing, with special emphasis on project planning. It covers the main methods and practices of managing scope, quality, time and cost, while managing risk and stakeholders at every stage of the process.

Project Management Act Two: The People Side

Enhance your ability to plan and manage the human factors that play an essential role in every project. Learn techniques for leading teams and managing stakeholders. Hone your communication and conflict management skills to create synergy within a positive work environment.

Project Management for Administrative Professionals

Feeling overwhelmed by tasks and deadlines? Use project management techniques to plan and manage your project workloads with less stress and better results. Direct your time, energy, and resources wisely. Communicate and work effectively with others.

Risk Management Principles and Practices

Risk management is a proactive process for resolving problems before they occur. It’s also about managing the positive outcome of risk: opportunity. Explore a structured process for identifying and managing both the negative and positive impacts of risk.

"The instructor provides practical knowledge and real-world experience you can't learn from reading a book. Highly recommended for those just starting out, as well as for those with experience."

Anne Siopongco
Operations Process Lead, FortisBC

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