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Persuasion and Influence

Build trust and influence throughout the organization

Gone are the days when persuasion consisted of “because I said so.” With the flattening of power structures, the most effective way to persuade others is to secure their trust and influence their attitudes and actions in a constructive “win-win” mindset.

In this program, you will learn the use of persuasive strategies and skills applicable under a variety of situations. Build trust with your audience, communicate clearly to strengthen your message, and appeal to people’s emotional and intellectual sides. Exercise constructive influence throughout the organization.

Professionals whose job effectiveness depends on their ability to persuade others, including:

  • Senior executives, directors, business owners and partners
  • Experienced leaders/managers of business units or other groups of people
  • Those who work extensively with clients, such as consultants and marketing and sales managers
  • Anyone in an argument-based profession: lobbyists, advocacy representatives, negotiators, etc.
  • Strengthen your credibility and trust-building skills
  • Tailor your message to your audience and establish rapport
  • Communicate with greater clarity and confidence
  • Be persuasive over video conferencing
  • Deal with objections and resistance
  • Identify the various means of power and persuasion at your disposal
  • The brain science of influence 
  • What creates trust and how do we influence it? 
  • Motivation and its application to influence 
  • Increasing understanding while building rapport
  • Helping others in ways that also help you
  • Creating persuasive messages
  • Improving persuasion and influence over video conferencing  
  • Influencing behaviours in formal negotiations
  • Communicating positions while avoiding emotional responses
  • Finding the drivers that move people in the right direction
  • The use or misuse of authority and status
  • Skills development: active listening, Building Blocks technique to promote trust, using the right question types 

Special features

You will have the opportunity to build your own persuasion and influence self-action plan. You’ll also acquire a peer group you can confer with in the future to ensure your persuasion and influence skills are on track.

Trevor Sones Headshot

Trevor Sones


Trevor is an Adjunct faculty member at the UBC Sauder School of Business, where he teaches human and organizational behaviour, conflict resolution, leadership and communication. He has also been a Mediator with the BC Labour Relations Board for more than 14 years, helping parties negotiate solutions to large, high-profile conflicts. He is particularly skilled at handling interactions between senior leaders on politically sensitive issues involving those under their leadership.

Upcoming sessions

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Jun 13 - 14, 2023
$2195.00 + tax (5%)



8:30am – 4:30pm in Vancouver, BC

8:30am – 4:30pm in Vancouver, BC

UBC Robson Square
Oct 11 - 12, 2023
$2195.00 + tax (5%)



8:30am – 4:30pm in Vancouver, BC

8:30am – 4:30pm in Vancouver, BC

UBC Robson Square

Participating organizations

Success stories

  "This was a very useful course that taught me how to think through tough scenarios and apply careful consideration to each unique situation and audience. The skills learned can be applied to any set of circumstances that one encounters in business and personal life. Highly recommended!"

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