Be a strong, confident and empathetic leader in times of uncertainty

Great leadership starts with the self. This is never more true than when the path ahead is clouded by uncertainty. It is times like these when organizations most need strong, empathetic and effective leaders: leaders who can truly understand themselves and are thus better equipped to understand and support others through difficult times. 

This transformational program will guide you through a powerful journey of self-discovery. Take a deep dive into yourself, to uncover your personal emotions and responses to crisis and uncertainty. Parlay your self-awareness into a deeper sense of what it means to be a leader, and gain practical skills for managing people and situations more effectively. Emerge with the wisdom, competence and confidence needed to steer your organization through challenging times with empathy, understanding and strength. 

Program format

This program is delivered 100% online. But learning online does not mean learning alone! The experiential, multi-layered format is designed to balance quiet reflection time with faculty-led discovery, virtual coaching and active collaboration with colleagues. You will also have access to self-directed resources (readings, videos, self-assessments etc.) that you can review at any time.

Meeting the Leadership Challenge

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