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Online technologies and tactics are revolutionizing the way organizations connect with customers. Discover new opportunities for turning prospects into profits with our marketing and business development programs. 

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Our programs are offered in three different formats: in person, online real-time (facilitated live with specific start and end dates), and online on-demand (self-directed/self-paced, with no specific dates.) Please click the “Learn more” links to see the format for each individual program.

Content Marketing Strategy: Delivering Value, Inspiring Action 

In this on-demand program, you will define the content strategy vision that enables you to create authentic content for your target audiences. Articulate your organization’s purpose, and develop a cohesive content marketing strategy that drives value for your brand. 

Demystifying Digital Analytics

This on-demand program shows how data analytics can provide an accurate, real-time picture of your digital business initiatives. Leverage online intelligence to make better data-driven decisions. Optimize your digital ecosystem, and transform analysis into action.

Developing a Customer-Centric Strategy 

This program focuses on developing and leading a customer service strategy and culture. Build customer programs that drive retention and revenue growth, while cultivating customers who become your best advertisements.

Developing an Effective Digital Content Strategy 

Develop a content strategy that will help your organization get the most out of its digital content. Use key business, brand, and target audience information to plan, create, and manage content. Optimize your content so that it delivers a return on the resources you’ve invested.

Product and Service Management Boot Camp 

This program provides managers with strategic frameworks and best practices for analyzing market opportunities and developing products and services that maximize profitability. Spot opportunities for growth and take your company to the next stage of success.

Social Media Essentials 

Discover the dynamics that are driving online communications. Explore a range of social media channels and tools, and evaluate their opportunities. Embrace social media to boost community engagement and achieve organizational objectives.

Social Media Strategy

Integrate your organizational goals with social media marketing. Set appropriate social media objectives, and build an effective strategy and plan to achieve them. Leverage social media to connect your brand with the right audiences and influencers. 

"I found this program extremely relevant and was very impressed with the instructor. The topics were applicable to all industries and I definitely walked away with some new tools to help improve our company's brand. I would strongly recommend the program to any marketing professional."

Robyn Plenert
Senior Marketing & Brand Specialist, Transportation Investment Corporation

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