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Create a stronger connection with your customers with our leading-edge programs. Capitalize on new technologies and platforms to expand your marketing and communications strategy. Develop strategies and tactical skills to turn prospects into profits.

Digital communications and strategy programs

Fundamentals of Digital Communications Strategy

Leverage your unique brand story through a comprehensive digital communications strategy. Identify and align your holistic communications strategy with specific priorities for your organization's digital ecosystem.

User Experience Strategy

Explore a range of UX activities and understand how processes such as user research, stakeholder interviews, user stories and business requirements gathering support the development of a strong user experience.

Digital Content and Storytelling

Establish deeper connections with customers and clients by incorporating storytelling elements and articulating a compelling narrative within your digital content.

Digital Awareness and Protection

Explore best practices, proper attribution requirements, Creative Commons licensing, and the application of copyright law.

Digital Project Management

Create a project brief that identifies the roles and responsibilities for each team member, as well as budget, timeline, functional requirements and deliverables.

Marketing and business development programs

Building Brand Power

Powerful brands exhibit increased customer loyalty and higher profitability. This course provides a systematic approach for developing and maintaining effective brands.

Building Your City's Brand

This course explores branding as a key mechanism for city leadership. Specifically, it develops the links between your personal leadership style (self-brand) and your city’s brand. 

Data Analytics for Managerial Decision Making

Designed for managers with limited exposure to analytics, this one-day course describes the use of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to solve business problems and improve organizational decision making.

Developing a Customer-Centric Strategy

This course focuses on developing and leading a customer service strategy and culture. Build customer programs that drive retention and revenue growth, while cultivating customers who become your best advertisements.

Essentials of Business Development

This course explores key sales strategies and techniques for better business results. Analyze your current business prospects and challenges. 

Marketing Communications

This course is designed to help you think about, create, manage and evaluate an effective marketing communications program that integrates multiple communication channels. 

Product and Service Management Boot Camp

This interactive three-day program provides managers with the latest thinking and best practices in product management. 

Sales Acumen for Non-Sales Professionals

In this workshop, you will explore a fundamental set of business-building principles, strategies and tactics. 

Social Media Essentials

This course provides a comprehensive look at social media within a business context. Discover the dynamics that are driving online communications. 

Social Media Strategy

This course provides a strategic framework for integrating your organizational goals with social media marketing. Identify the opportunities inherent in your Unique Selling Proposition. 

Tech Routes to Market

In this course, participants become world class Tech RTM strategists and tacticians.

"I found this course extremely relevant to building brand strength and was very impressed with the instructor. The topics were applicable to all industries and I definitely walked away with some new tools to help improve our company's brand. I would strongly recommend this course to any marketing professional."

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