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Leading Change

Mobilize the power of people to drive strategic change

Designed for executives, managers and senior leaders, this program looks at organizational change from a human perspective. Learn how change impacts people and what leadership behaviours are needed to manage the upheaval. Sustain momentum for change while applying a disciplined approach to communicate clearly, support your people and facilitate the transition process.

Leading Change

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This program is designed for managers, directors, executives and supervisors whose people are being asked to do things differently. 

Please note that the program’s managerial focus makes it unsuitable for non-managerial administrative staff without direct reports. 

  • Articulate the impact the change initiative will have on your division or organization, and its stakeholders
  • Build a shared vision of success by embedding a communication plan into the change strategy
  • Encourage desired attitudes and behaviours, and assist people in adopting new initiatives
  • Communicate a convincing message that facilitates change by involving others
  • Provide your people with the insights, skills and inspiration needed to do things differently
  • Help team members cope with feelings of victimization, insecurity, frustration and cynicism

Communicating the Need for Change 

  • Delivering a convincing message to establish urgency
  • Clarifying expectations, promoting buy-in and responsibility and ensuring fairness
  • Mobilizing relevant aspects of organizational culture

Optimizing the Key Components of a Change Management Plan

  • Communicating a vision beyond the change
  • Helping people get the training and skills they need
  • Developing internal branding to capture interest and commitment
  • Influencing people’s perspectives and behaviours in positive ways

Supporting People Through Change

  • Why people often struggle with change
  • Avoiding a “victim” mentality
  • Responding with empathy and reducing discomfort by involving people in the initiative
  • Dealing constructively with resistance 

Special features

The action-learning format features interactive discussion, group workshops and individual reflection and planning time.

T Gurton

Tracey Gurton


Tracey is a faculty member at the UBC Sauder School of Business. She’s been with the University of British Columbia since 2002, and has been recognized for teaching excellence. She teaches full time in the MBA and BCOM programs in areas including Organizational Culture, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Change, Group Decision Making and Trust on Teams. She also delivers professional development programs to executives, managers, and groups within private companies and public organizations, thereby helping these enterprises be a better place to work. She believes that a paramount responsibility in teaching, speaking and consulting is to bring theory to life, with practical examples and experiences. In 2020, Tracey received a Special Service Award for UBC Sauder’s exceptional transition to virtual classroom education during UBC’s COVID response. She and her colleagues also launched a new course called Values, Ethics and Community, which continues to receive high praise in UBC Sauder’s top-rated business degree.

Upcoming sessions

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Aug 16 - 17, 2023
$2195.00 + tax (5%)



8:30am – 4:30pm in Vancouver, BC

8:30am – 4:30pm in Vancouver, BC

UBC Robson Square
Sep 27 - 28, 2023
$2195.00 + tax (5%)



8:30am – 4:30pm in Vancouver, BC

8:30am – 4:30pm in Vancouver, BC

UBC Robson Square

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