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Leadership Resilience

Building resilience to support health, happiness and success at work

All leaders face multiple demands that can create challenges in staying focused, positive and resilient. As a leader, the “resilient” piece deserves your particular attention. Resilient leaders are better equipped to respond quickly to change, make good decisions and maintain stamina for ongoing productivity. This in turn supports wellbeing in the workplace, career growth and organizational sustainability. 

The good news is that leadership resilience is not something you’re born with – it can be learned and grown. This program provides understanding, inspiration and actions to build your resilience. You will start by exploring practical applications for protecting your health, energy and productivity as a leader. From there, you’ll learn how to support the adaptability and agility of your team. Finally, you’ll receive guidance to facilitate resilience and wellbeing at your organization. 

This program is for new or more seasoned leaders who want to build resilience in themselves, their teams and their organizations. Participants range from front-line or back-office leaders to executives working in either the public or private sector.

  • Increase your strength by implementing proven resilience-building actions 
  • Set boundaries to prevent being overwhelmed
  • Expedite agility and good decision making in yourself and others
  • Boost team performance by contributing to team resilience 
  • Help people respond to threats, opportunities and change 
  • Foster a psychologically safe work setting that encourages people to take risks 
  • Create and implement action plans that promote organizational resilience and sustainability

The Resilient Leader

  • Mindset and behaviours of a resilient leader 
  • Warning signs of low resilience in yourself and others
  • Protective factors and recovery actions: making lifestyle improvements and cognitive adjustments, setting boundaries

Building Resilient Teams

  • Strategies to increase team agility: knowledge sharing, decision making, adapting to change
  • The impact of culture, leadership and systems on people, and how to align them to foster greater team resilience
  • Leadership actions to increase team resilience: behaviours that promote group resilience, intervening in difficult situations, giving feedback in a way that supports resilience

The Resilient Organization

  • Organizational-level risk, safety and health practices, characteristics of a psychologically safe workplace
  • The relationship between resilience, innovation and positive business outcomes
  • Actions to increase organizational resilience: preparing for change, building connections in uncertain situations, optimizing resilience across the organization
  • Aligning activities with decision-making processes and the organizational vision

Special features

This program is fast-paced and dynamic. You’ll engage in case studies, group conversations and hands-on exercises to help you put what you are learning into real-world action.

Dr. Marie-Hélène Pelletier

Dr. Marie-Hélène Pelletier

Marie-Hélène draws on her extensive background to increase resilience as a key pillar of organizational success. She is a practicing psychologist and experienced business leader with over 20 years of experience in clinical, counselling and workplace psychology. As an executive at Sun Life Financial, she oversaw the physical, mental and financial health strategy to support Sun Life’s clients. She is a high-energy speaker with a clear mastery of her subject and a passion for exploring the intersection of business and psychology.

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Dr. Pelletier has a wealth of knowledge on this subject. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about maintaining and increasing the resiliency of their teams.

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