Building resilience to support health, happiness and success at work

All leaders face multiple demands that can create challenges in staying focused, positive and resilient. As a leader, the “resilient” piece deserves your particular attention. Resilient leaders are better equipped to respond quickly to change, make good decisions and maintain stamina for ongoing productivity. This in turn supports wellbeing in the workplace, career growth and organizational sustainability. 

The good news is that leadership resilience is not something you’re born with – it can be learned and grown. This program provides understanding, inspiration and actions to build your resilience. You will start by exploring practical applications for protecting your health, energy and productivity as a leader. From there, you’ll learn how to support the adaptability and agility of your team. Finally, you’ll receive guidance to facilitate resilience and wellbeing at your organization. 

"The way this translated to online learning was surprisingly good. I liked the ability to work solo, and then come together for short periods of time to discuss and ask more questions. The small group was really effective as well, as we all got to contribute and discuss specific issues."

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