Executive Education

Leadership Resilience

Build resilience capacity to strengthen individuals, teams and organizations

Delivered online in real time

Leadership resilience represents one of the keys to organizational sustainability. This program examines resilience on three levels: individual, team and organizational. Explore practical applications for protecting your personal health, energy and productivity as a leader. Learn how to support the adaptability and agility of your team. Create action plans to promote organizational health, resilience and innovation.

Online program format

This one-day program includes live, facilitator-led online sessions throughout the day. Sessions are highly interactive, enabling you to network with peers, brainstorm ideas, engage in skill-building activities, and receive constructive feedback. You will also have access to self-directed resources (readings, videos, self-assessments etc.) that you can review at any time.

"The way this translated to online learning was surprisingly good. I liked the ability to work solo, and then come together for short periods of time to discuss and ask more questions. The small group was really effective as well, as we all got to contribute and discuss specific issues."

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