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No matter where you're headed, our diverse leadership programs can help you see above and beyond the bottom line. Increase your aptitude for great leadership, and drive your organization forward.

Adaptive Collaboration

Exploit the unique abilities of the Adaptive Leadership framework to create collaborations capable of generating flexible, innovative solutions to disruptive change. Build strong, resilient relationships and deploy practical tools for fostering consensus and cooperation. 

The Art and Practice of Adaptive Leadership 

This program explores Adaptive Leadership, a ground-breaking capacity building and leadership coaching approach developed at Harvard University. Adapt effectively to disruption. Activate the potential in people. Practice collaborative methods for driving systemic change.

Big Data Leadership 

This program provides a strategic guide for planning and implementing a digital transformation plan. See how data can influence your organization’s value proposition, and develop an agile performance approach that propels your organization forward in today’s digitally-charged environment.

Coaching and Mentoring

In this action-packed workshop, you will learn critical coaching and mentoring skills for driving improved performance. Develop competencies and confidence in your team members. Promote a “can-do” attitude for getting the job done well. 

Design Thinking Leadership

Understand the power of design thinking and develop skills in planning, organizing and executing an effective design thinking session. Explore leadership principles for nurturing a creative culture that can drive organizational learning and innovation.

Digital Transformation 

Driven by the demands of change, successful companies are adopting digital tools and transforming how they work to stay competitive. In this program, you will learn how to cultivate a culture of collaboration and agility that thrives on the power of existing and new digital capabilities.

Employee Engagement Leadership

Explore employee engagement strategies and techniques to empower your team for top performance. Identify different team styles, and gain their maximum participation. Fine-tune your skillset to become a more engaging facilitative leader in your organization.  

Leadership Resilience 

Leadership resilience is not something you’re born with – it can be learned and grown. This program provides understanding, inspiration and actions to build your resilience. Explore ways to protect your productivity, support the agility of your team and facilitate wellbeing at your organization. 

Leading High-Performance Teams 

Organizations continue to shed traditional hierarchies in favour of empowered work teams. This workshop is designed to equip leaders with the hands-on tools they need to build high-performance teams that are engaged, purposeful, inspired and customer-centric.

Leading in a Unionized Workplace 

Designed with a managerial focus, this program will help you lead appropriately and confidently within a unionized setting. Learn constructive ways to deal with grievances and disciplinary action. Reduce reactance through honest two-way communication.

Leading with Authenticity

Investigate the key approaches of authentic leaders, and ways to apply them to your role as a workplace decision maker. Cultivate the mindset and skills needed to be seen as an inspiring leader. Engage people in a way that motivates them to go above and beyond.

Leading with Executive Presence 

This workshop explores the relationship between yourself and your audience, and the impact this has on your executive presence. Enhance your ability to connect authentically with others. Turbocharge your communications with the poise and confidence of a seasoned leader.

Meeting The Leadership Challenge 

This transformational program will guide you through a powerful journey of self-discovery. Take a deep dive into yourself, and parlay your self-awareness into a deeper sense of what it means to be a leader. Emerge with the wisdom, empathy and strength needed to steer your organization through challenging times. 

Mindful Leadership 

Discover mindfulness as a means for growing your capacity as a centered leader. Build mindfulness skills to improve your personal effectiveness and well-being, the engagement and satisfaction of your team, and organizational results.

Responsible Leadership for a Changing World

This program supports leaders who want to steer the way to a more sustainable and prosperous world. Help your company tackle today’s greatest social, ethical and environmental challenges. Explore strategies for change, and implement a plan of action for cultural transformation.

Strengthening your Organization's Culture 

This program identifies the cultural factors that make companies fully capable of executing strategy. Explore effective leverage points for maintaining your culture’s strengths and nudging it forward. Advance the organizational vision while creating a great place to work.

Lead every time you speak

Associate Dean Bruce Wiesner offers insights that will encourage you to question what leadership is, how to change your approach to learning, and how you can become more inquisitive in order to lead change.

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