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Our diverse range of leadership programs help the leaders of tomorrow develop the skills needed to drive their organisation forward. Learn to be a modern leader with a focus above and beyond the bottom line.

Digital leadership programs

Strategic Thinking in the Digital Context

This course is ideal for establishing a design-thinking approach, a perspective on disruption and a foundation for the design of your first digital business strategy.

Digital ROI

Examine how digital business models disrupt traditional value chains, and apply a digital SWOT analysis that evaluates the customer-centric experience, touch points and feedback loop. 

Digital Readiness and Transformation

Learn now to pitch your vision, while carefully balancing resistance and influence during your conversations with internal and external stakeholders.

Leading Data-Driven Performance

Examine how data can influence your organization’s value proposition. Create a data acquisition plan that aligns with business goals and facilitates decision-making. 

Leadership programs

Achieving a Leadership Presence®

Delivered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc., this course will enable you to bring out the performer that lives within us all. 

Adaptive Collaboration

In this course, you will examine the unique abilities of this transformative framework to create collaborations capable of generating flexible, innovative solutions to change.

The Art and Practice of Adaptive Leadership

In this course, you will apply the transformative framework of Adaptive Leadership: a ground-breaking capacity building and leadership coaching approach developed at Harvard University.

Building Bench Strength

In this course you will learn how to design a succession and talent development plan for your organization. Take stock of your organization’s state of readiness to fill critical leadership vacancies. 

Coaching and Mentoring

In this action-packed workshop, you will learn critical coaching and mentoring skills for driving improved performance in your team. 

Leadership Resilience

This course examines resilience on three levels: individual, team and organizational. Explore practical applications for protecting your personal health, energy and productivity as a leader. 

Leading High Performance Teams

This course is designed to equip leaders with the hands-on tools they need to build high performance teams that are engaged, purposeful, inspired and customer centric.

Leading in a Unionized Workplace

Designed with a managerial focus, the course provides practical guidance in how to maximize workforce productivity within the union-management context. 

Leading with Energy

In this course you will learn methods for increasing your energy capacity and managing your personal energy for effective leadership action. 

Shifting Organizational Culture

This course identifies the necessary factors and best practices that make organizations special and fully capable of supporting the organization's strategy. 

Meeting The Leadership Challenge

Designed for senior managers and executives, this powerful six-day program in residence will enable you to discover your unique leadership potential and leverage it to carry you to the next level of success.

Mentoring Top Talent

In this hands-on workshop, you will be guided through the IBC™ approach for elevating your top talent and actualizing their A-level performance. 

Mindful Leadership

 Practice mindfulness skills to improve your personal effectiveness and well-being, the satisfaction and engagement of your team, and organizational results.

Governing with Intention™

Navigate the line between governance and management. Elevate your personal contribution at the board table, and design your board’s culture.

Winning with Talent

This course provides a multi-faceted approach to enhancing staff talent. Learn a variety of proven techniques for talent management. 

Lead every time you speak

Associate Dean Bruce Wiesner offers insights that will encourage you to question what leadership is, how you can change your approach to learning, and be more inquisitive to lead change.

The changing world of Executive Education

"I have attended various leadership courses over the last 15 years, and this was one of the best. The practicality of the tools are excellent and will be directly applicable to my role. I thoroughly enjoyed the method of teaching and would highly recommend this course to others!” 

Chris Back
Director of Industry and Labour Services, WorkSafeBC

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