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Influencing Behavioural Change in Disruptive Times

Behaviourally-informed strategies for nudging people in organizations forward

Delivered online in real time

In turbulent times, “business as usual” is often a self-defeating attitude. Instead, people must rapidly shift to new ways of thinking and doing. But getting individuals to change their behaviours is one of the most difficult challenges an organization can face. People do not always behave in rational ways—a fact that can derail even the best laid change management plans.

While organizations often use “hard instruments” like rules and rewards, and “soft instruments” like awareness building to change behaviours, behavioural “nudges” can complement these in ways that feel less controlling than hard shoves and are more likely to stick than awareness raising alone. 

This program takes a behavioural-insights approach to behaviour change within organizations. Leverage the ways people actually think to encourage healthier, more resilient and productive decisions and behaviours. Apply people-centred strategies and tools to help staff make lasting behavioural changes. Become a “choice architect” who enables people to act in their own, and the organization’s, best interests during challenging times.

Online program format

This one-day program includes two facilitator-led online sessions in real time: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each session will last about 1.5 hours with a break in between for you to recharge your learning energies.

The sessions are highly interactive, enabling you to network with peers, brainstorm ideas, engage in skill-building activities, and receive constructive feedback. You will also have access to self-directed readings and videos that you can review at any time.

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