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Increasing Your Productivity

Develop goals and habits for enhanced performance

Productivity is not about getting everything done in limited time. Rather, it means making the best decisions about what goals and activities will lead to the best results, and using our energies wisely to accomplish them proactively.

In this program, you will learn how to be more efficient and resilient in the ways you approach productivity. Develop clear and measurable goals you can realistically reach. Create a practical plan to balance and manage your work and life demands. Practice new techniques for increasing your focus, energy, agility and stamina.

The program employs a personalized learning format that offers smart options without prescribing one-size-fits-all solutions. You will create your own customized productivity action plan by exploring a wide range of productivity options and selecting the ones that work best for you.

We recommend taking this program in conjunction with Time Management Skills.

Business and technical professionals at any level who are interested in becoming more productive at work and in life.

  • Develop new perspectives and habits that will enable you to become more productive
  • Apply mindfulness to train your brain to improve focus, energy, agility and stamina
  • Identify which goals and activities will deliver the most effective results, and manage your energies to achieve them
  • Explore an array of new productivity concepts, tools and techniques, and decide which ones will work best for you
  • Become more proactive about how you manage pressure
  • Create your own customized personal productivity action plan that you can implement immediately 


  • How a mindful focus on goals vs. tasks enables better productivity
  • Crafting clear, concise and realistic productivity goals
  • Productivity tips and techniques for staying focused


  • Identifying common distractions that deplete your energy
  • Self-managing your attitudes and habits by training your brain to use energy differently
  • Tips and tools for boosting your energy


  • Using a more agile approach to plan, organize, execute and evaluate projects 
  • Remaining nimble when encountering pressure and improving your ability to adapt to change
  • Tips and techniques for increasing agility in different work environments


  • The main mental stressors that limit resiliency, and strategies to overcome them
  • Increasing your emotional, mental and physical stamina for the present and future
  • Developing proactive habits for avoiding burnout

Special features

  • Create your own productivity action planner, and tailor it to address your unique goals and challenges
  • Acquire a practical productivity toolkit of templates and techniques

Dr. Gail Levitt

Dr. Gail Levitt

Gail is President of Levitt Communications Inc. An expert and author on influential leadership, she coaches individuals and teams to enhance their communications, leadership, strategic problem solving, and productivity for peak performance. She is known for her energetic and motivating teaching style, and has written two acclaimed books on collaboration and team planning.

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“The tremendous instructor teaches in a fascinating way that allows you to instantly start using what you've learned in order to become more productive.”
  "Truly a great experience. I am using all the learning in my workplace and it helps a lot. The value is so significant in life and at work that it’s a great course for everyone."

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