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Our Management and Business Acumen programs deliver the knowledge and skills you need to make every opportunity matter. Develop your core management capabilities, sharpen your financial understanding and become more effective in the workplace.

Puzzling It Out: Problem Solving and Insight Thinking for Business

This unique workshop engages the power of puzzles to propel your lateral-thinking, decision-making and problem-solving prowess. 

Blockchain: Applications and Disruptive Opportunities

This workshop will help you keep ahead of the curve by exploring the applications and opportunities of blockchain and similar technologies from a business (non-technical) perspective.

Building a Successful Business Case

This course is designed to help you achieve success by building a compelling business case. Learn what decision makers require in order to act on your ask. 

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for Public Service Leaders

This workshop explores concepts and skills for critical thinking, solution-oriented problem solving and effective presentations in a public sector setting. 

Employment Law Essentials

This course describes the current Canadian landscape in employment and human rights law. It looks at the legislation regulating employment standards, acceptable workplace conduct, dismissal, discrimination and other essential elements of the employment relationship.

Essentials in Supervisory Skills

This course develops essential skills for supervising and leading with confidence. Improve your ability to oversee staff, manage priorities and solve problems. 

Essential Management Skills

This comprehensive five-day program provides a new perspective on contemporary management issues and develops the key competencies needed for managerial success today. 

Financial Statement Analysis for the Non-Accountant

This course will provide you with a basic understanding of financial statements and the use of key financial analysis tools. 

Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

This course is designed to help managers with little or no experience in accounting or financial management to develop a working knowledge of these critical business areas. 

Fundamentals of Professional Human Resource Management

This course addresses all nine components of the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) Competency Framework that establishes the national knowledge and experience standards for professional certification.

Governance and Political Acumen

This course describes the concepts and practices of effective public service governance, organizational dynamics and personal leadership. 

Governing with Intention™

Delivered in partnership with Watson Inc., this course shows how to shift the dialogue to the issues that matter. 

Increasing Your Productivity

In this course, you will learn a unique approach to increasing your productivity at both work and home. Develop clear and measurable goals you can achieve realistically. 

Influencing Behavioural Change for the Public Good

You will learn how to use behaviourally-informed strategies and tools to influence social attitudes and actions and how to leverage evidence-based behavioural insights to increase the effectiveness of public policies, programs and interventions.

Advanced Management Skills

This fast-paced five-day course provides an integrated understanding of business: financial management, operations, performance management, marketing and strategy.

Leadership Excellence for Administrative Professionals

Designed for administrative professionals, this course develops key administration management competencies, with a specific focus on communication skills, problem solving, decision making, and working within a dispersed work environment. 

Managing Performance

This course delivers applied training in the concepts and skills of managing performance effectively. 

Time Management Skills

This course explores proven time management solutions to help you make the most of every day.

Puzzling It Out: Problem Solving and Insight Thinking for Business

This unique workshop engages the power of puzzles to propel your lateral-thinking, decision-making and problem-solving prowess. 

"The instructors were incredibly dynamic, very knowledgeable and clearly leaders in their field."

Eric Sambell
Director, Construction and Technology Fly Over Canada

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