Becoming a better boss

Program Level: Fundamental

This comprehensive program builds a solid foundation in the critical skills needed to successfully manage people. Understand yourself as an effective leader of people. Diagnose typical business situations and determine how best to manage them. Engage in practical exercises that focus on your own day-to-day issues. Come away with tools and techniques you can apply immediately back at work.

The program features a self-assessment to help you discover your leadership strengths and their impact in building relationships. You will also work with a small group of your peers, facilitated by a Sauder Associate Coach. To ensure you are fully embedding your learning in the workplace, you will re-engage with your coach and peer group after the program to share your experiences and develop an ongoing plan of action. 

Hear from your peers

Essential Management Skills – Hear from your peers

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The learning journey

Delivered in two in-person modules spread approximately one month apart, Essential Management Skills incorporates program preparation, instruction, interactive and experiential plenary sessions, group discussions and facilitated peer learning. There is also a "meet and greet" introductory session, as well as intermodular and post-program group coaching sessions online.

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