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Employee Engagement Leadership

Empower your team for top performance

Low levels of employee engagement is a serious risk to organizations. High levels, on the other hand, can increase workplace collaboration, productivity, innovation, customer loyalty and talent retention. 

This program explores proven employee engagement strategies and techniques to empower your team for top performance. Motivate people to contribute more and collaborate effectively with others. Help individuals and teams overcome roadblocks to productivity. Fine-tune your leadership skillset to become a more engaging facilitative leader in your organization.  

People leaders, executives, directors, managers, HR specialists and talent/organizational development professionals in the public or private sector.

  • Identify your employee engagement leadership style strengths and areas for improvement
  • Assess the level of employee engagement in your team, and identify factors that may be aiding or inhibiting it
  • Apply facilitative leadership strategies for enhancing staff motivation, engagement and satisfaction during each stage of a team’s life cycle
  • Increase team productivity by encouraging your people to participate
  • Achieve organizational performance goals by getting better buy-in from diverse team styles  
  • Engage multiple generations within your team

Employee Engagement Essentials

  • Key components of “engaged” employees
  • Top mistakes leaders make that limit staff engagement
  • Tools for assessing employee engagement and satisfaction

Building Team Engagement

  • How a team’s stage of development affects employee expectations for engagement
  • Leadership strategies for engaging teams during each stage of development

Motivating Diverse Team Styles  

  • Identifying different team styles and gaining their maximum participation
  • Best practices for engaging and motivating each style 

Assessing Your Leadership Engagement Style 

  • Identifying your leadership engagement quotient
  • Understanding your strengths and areas to improve

Facilitating Team Engagement for Peak Performance

  • Leadership strategies for team meetings: virtual, in-person, hybrid
  • Guidelines for engaging multiple generations

Team Engagement Simulation

  • Real-life applied learning project
  • Team demonstrations and constructive feedback from the facilitator and your peers

Special features

You will complete a self-assessment of your leadership engagement style, and participate in an applied learning project to build real-world skills. 

Dr. Gail Levitt

Dr. Gail Levitt

Gail is President of Levitt Communications Inc. An expert and author on influential leadership, she coaches individuals and teams to enhance their communications, leadership, strategic problem solving, and productivity for peak performance. She is known for her energetic and motivating teaching style, and has written two acclaimed books on collaboration and team planning.

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Nov 20 - 21, 2023
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