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Better communication delivers better outcomes in every business situation. Our popular communication programs help you build consensus and get results in a world of disruptive technology and shrinking attention spans.

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Our programs are offered in three different formats: in person, online real-time (facilitated live with specific start and end dates), and online on-demand (self-directed/self-paced, with no specific dates.) Please click the “Learn more” links to see the format for each individual program.

Adaptive Communication: Thinking on Your Feet

The word “Improv” is usually associated with comedy, but it is equally applicable in business. Become a more agile leader by integrating improvisational skills into your managerial toolkit. Develop a “ready for anything” mindset, and respond confidently in dynamic environments.

Communicating without Authority

This program provides strategies and skills that anyone with limited authority can use to communicate with competence, confidence, and credibility. Overcome obstacles to success, and increase your effectiveness when addressing others with more or equal authority.

Communication and Emotional Intelligence for Managers

Sharpen your leadership impact from the inside out, through self-reflection and activity-based development. Become more self-aware, as you choose to improve your emotional intelligence. Use communication as an extension of your leadership choices.

Communication for the Senior Leader®

Delivered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc., this program focuses on the strong links between leadership and communication at the highest levels. Apply an inspirational leadership approach that drives people to action, and navigate complex political dynamics.

Conflict Management Strategies

Make conflict resolution part of a healthy work environment. Anticipate and prevent conflicts when possible, and resolve them in a fair and considerate manner when they do occur. Practice techniques for managing conflict on both personal and team levels.

Facilitation Skills for Leaders

Learn tools and skills for facilitating effective meetings. Enable dialogues that generate trust and effective action. Overcome challenging meeting situations. Develop an individual action plan for showcasing your talent as a facilitative leader.

Managing Customer Expectations in a Changing Workplace

In this program you will learn to manage customer expectations more proactively on three levels: feeling, thinking and responding. Set expectations and communicate effectively to enhance your customer relationships during disruptive times.

Managing Virtual Meetings More Efficiently

Although virtual meetings have become standard, many of them are not as productive as they could be. This program provides guidance for conducting virtual meetings that make the best use of meeting time and engage people for peak performance.

Navigating Complex Negotiations

Gain a repertoire of new skills for conducting multi-party, multi-issue, online or cross-cultural negotiations. Develop a systematic and positive approach to negotiating with colleagues, teams, client and other stakeholder parties, and external groups of all kinds.

Persuasion and Influence

Practice effective persuasion tactics under a variety of situations. Build trust with your audience, communicate clearly to strengthen your message, and appeal to people’s emotional and intellectual sides. Exercise constructive influence throughout the organization.

Presenting as a Leader™

Offered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc., this program will help you deliver presentations that inspire your audience to act on your ideas. Move from an informational to an inspirational style. Build skills in projecting a confident yet natural presence in every interaction.

Storytelling for Leaders™

Stories build connections in ways that information does not. Delivered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc., this program will help you harness storytelling as a powerful leadership tool. Tap into the stories you have within you and use them to inspire your audience.

Strategies and Skills of Effective Negotiation

Learn effective strategies and techniques for a variety of negotiation situations: from two-party/single issue, to complex negotiations involving multiple issues and parties, to negotiating online. Engage in applied exercises to build real-world negotiation proficiency.

Taking the Stage ®

Offered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc., this program enables those who identify as women to explore how gender norms shape ideas about leadership and communication, and to build leadership skills for confidently projecting their authentic conviction and presence.

Writing Effective Emails

Increase your speed, proficiency and impact when writing emails to diverse readers. Engage busy readers with a clear message, concise format and precise wording. Fine-tune your email writing process and enhance your image as an effective communicator.

Writing Relevant Information Reports

Learn techniques for organizing and writing information reports that give your readers the exact details they need—no more, no less. Craft concise, coherent documents that will engage your audience and keep them reading to the very end.

Writing Winning Proposals

Develop the mindset and skills needed to write clear, convincing proposals of any kind—from short recommendations written to your boss, to formal RFPs. Keep readers focused on your key “ask,” and apply persuasive writing techniques that help them approve your request.

"I cannot say enough about how valuable this course was in helping to break down the key elements of an effective presentation to be a stronger communicator. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and gave us a great set of tools that we can take away and apply in our lives and professions. Great course!"

Danielle Jang
Media Relations and Government Affairs Advisor, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

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