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Art and Practice of Adaptive Leadership

Disrupting the status quo and mobilizing for organizational change

Senior leaders today face enormous pressure to lead their organizations in complex, rapidly changing environments. The need for innovative solutions has wrought extensive changes in the art of leadership, and as with any creative discipline, mastery comes with practice.
In this program, you will apply the transformative framework of Adaptive Leadership: a ground-breaking capacity building and leadership coaching approach developed at Harvard University. Learn the art of adapting effectively to disruption (or fomenting it, if necessary). Build skills for activating the potential in people. Practice collaborative methods for designing innovative solutions that drive systemic change.

Special offer: get additional coaching with your facilitator

Participants who take this program may sign up to receive 3 one-hour virtual coaching sessions with Adel. This is a unique post-program opportunity to get extra one-on-one support in addressing your adaptive leadership challenges and implementing your actions back at work. The option is available for an additional cost of $1500.

For more information, please contact Nicola Scott-Davies, Associate Director UBC Sauder:

Art and Practice of Adaptive Leadership

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This program is intended for senior managers, executives and directors who wish to evolve a context-specific leadership strategy for maximizing personal and organizational productivity.

  • Challenge assumptions that may be inhibiting your or your organization’s adaptive capacity, and manage the inevitable stressors of leadership
  • Analyze systemic and organizational dynamics and complexities
  • Use effective intervention to implement sustainable change
  • Promote open and honest conversations
  • Develop strategies for active learning amid competing agendas and changing contexts
  • Collaborate with others to mobilize collective wisdom

Identifying the Adaptive Work

  • Exploring gaps between adaptive challenges and personal values, testing multiple perspectives, thinking critically about challenges

Engaging and Energizing Others

  • Identifying shared values, creating collaborative processes, mobilizing engagement and generating innovation
  • Negotiating with authority

Giving the Work Back

  • Empowering others to take ownership, developing strategies for active learning
  • Dealing with distractions and avoidance

Orchestrating Conflict

  • Surfacing hidden conflict and directing it toward the adaptive work, depersonalizing conflicts

Regulating Disequilibrium and Effective Intervening

  • Managing stress and the pace of learning, respecting diversity, focusing on collective purpose
  • Remaining agile, exercising leadership experimentally and tactfully

Infusing Adaptive Work with Meaning

  • Connecting adaptive work with specific tasks, shared values and individual purpose
  • Practicing leadership from any position

Special features

Working in groups, you will analyze leadership challenges you are currently facing, and apply the Adaptive Leadership framework to design an action plan for progress. You will also practice peer consultation—a vital component of adaptive leadership development.

Adel Gamar

Adel Gamar

Adel is an Adjunct faculty member at the UBC Sauder School of Business and CEO of a boutique firm specializing in adaptive leadership, strategy and change management. He is driven to forge effective collaborations among business, government and non-profit sectors while creating lasting solutions. In addition to advising senior leaders of Fortune 500 companies and public sector agencies worldwide, he has taught adaptive leadership and negotiation at Harvard and served as Education Specialist at UNESCO. He also co-facilitated the Think Tank on Global Education: Empowering Global Citizens.

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Success stories

This thought-provoking program encourages deep diving diagnostically into persistent challenges, both professionally and personally. Highly recommended!
After this enlightening learning experience I walk away with a new lens through which to see leadership issues, and I feel much more capable to handle complex leadership challenges moving forward.

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